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Communities want ChevronTexaco to CLEAN UP Ecuador! Trial Begins in Ecuador


For more information: Leila Salazar, Clean Up Ecuador Campaign Organizer to get involved at or call 415-487-9600

Communities want ChevronTexaco to CLEAN UP ECUADOR! ChevronTexaco needs to be held accountable for Texaco's polluting operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Get involved in the International Clean Up Ecuador Campaign.

Help Amazon Watch pressure ChevronTexaco in the following ways:

1. Call the CEO, David O'Reilly at 925-842-3232
2. Send a postcard or a letter to the CEO.
3. Organize a video showing and information session in your neighborhood (write Amazon Watch to request a copy).
4. Organize a leafleting event or rally at your nearest Chevron or Texaco station.
5. Organize a houseparty/fundraiser to raise funds for upcoming delegations.

Spread the word: When you buy ChevronTexaco products, you're getting Amazon destruction for free.

sample letter

Dear Mr. David J. O'Reilly:

I am writing to urge you to address the demands of communities affected by Texaco's operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

I am outraged to learn that 30 years after Texaco's arrival:

* Hundreds of toxic waste pits contaminated with heavy metals and cancer-causing chemicals have not been cleaned up;

* Indigenous communities like the Siona, Secoya, Cofan, Huaorani, and Quichua and local campesinos continue to suffer the effects of Texaco's operations;

* ChevronTexaco has never conducted a comprehensive health study of its operations in the nearby communities;

* ChevronTexaco continues to declare that it conducted business in a responsible manner, but it has not assumed responsibility for continued cleanup of the Oriente region of Ecuador.

Now that Chevron and Texaco have merged, it is the responsibility of ChevronTexaco to:

1. Clean up Texaco's toxic mess in the Ecuadorian Amazon,
2. Compensate affected communities and
3. Ensure their access to clean drinking water and health care.

Until the local communities' demands are met, I pledge to not buy any ChevronTexaco products and will urge my friends and family to take the same pledge. I appreciate a response to my concerns!






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