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The ChevronTexaco Toxic Legacy:
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Press Releases

Mar 06, 2007 -- Criminal Investigation of Chevron Sought in Ecuador by Indigenous Leaders over Rainforest Contaminat...
Mar 05, 2007 -- Oil Contamination & Human Rights The Toxic Legacy of Oil Companies in Ecuador...

Nov 09, 2006 -- Rainforest Catastrophe: Chevron's Fraud and Deceit In Ecuador ...
Sep 21, 2006 -- Myths and Facts about the Ecuador Disaster: Analyzing Chevron's Misleading Claims...

Feb 03, 2006 -- Chevron Spin Cannot Hide Company’s Legal Woes Over Multi-Billion Dollar Liability In Ecuador After...

Feb 01, 2006 -- Amazon Watch Asks SEC to Investigate Chevron for Governance Violations Over Ecuador Catastrophe...

Oct 25, 2005 -- Chevron's Massive Liability: Amazon Watch Letter to Chevron Lawyer...

April 7, 2005
Coalition Of Chevron Texaco Shareholders Gather Support For Resolution On Ecuadorian Contamination Controversy

WASHINGTON -- April 7 -- People's suffering is bad for business; that is the opinion of a group of ChevronTexaco shareholders who for the second year in a row, have submitted a resolution asking the company to report on how it is addressing health and environmental concerns of communities affected by unremediated waste and other sources of oil-related contamination in the area where Texaco operated in Ecuador. more..

March 12, 2004

David and Goliath

What does
David Poritz have against ChevronTexaco, anyway?


Press Releases

Jan 12, 2004 -- New President of Ecuadorian Superior Court Appointed to Preside over ChevronTexaco Case in Amazon Re...
Jan 12, 2004 -- In Ecuador, taking an oil giant to task Drilling for oil without adequate safeguards is one of the most destructive processes to man and the environment ...

Chevron Would Face $5 Billion Tab For
Amazon Cleanup, Expert Says--Wall Street Journal

LAGO AGRIO, Ecuador -- Cleaning up toxic wastes in the Ecuadorean Amazon region could cost ChevronTexaco Corp. more than $5 billion and take as long as 10 years, according to a U.S. expert advising the plaintiffs in a lawsuit being tried in this ramshackle, frontier oil town

Testimony ends in oil giant's Ecuador trial
Testimony in the oil pollution trial of ChevronTexaco came to a close Wednesday with a spectacular pre-dawn lightning storm capping three days of sometimes explosive evidence

Historic Trial Against ChevronTexaco Begins
Tomorrow  In Ecuador
30,000 Rainforest Peoples Against The Company, Demanding A Full Cleanup of Extensive Pollution In Ecuadorian Amazon
First Time U.S. Oil Company Forced To Face Judgment In Ecuador Court 

Trial Begins in Ecuador Communities want ChevronTexaco to CLEAN UP Ecuador! 

Environmental “Trial of Century” Pits 50,000 Ecuadorian Rainforest People Against ChevronTexaco…

Bianca Jagger promotes lawsuit against ChevronTexaco in Ecuador By Associated Press

Ecuadorans put Chevron on trial
Company accused in class-action lawsuit of despoiling Amazon region with crude 

ChevronTexaco’s Hometown Offers Resounding Sendoff to Rainforest Ecuadorians As They Vow To Return For Meeting With CEO David O’ more from the news room here

ChevronTexaco Facing Trial in Ecuador Court for Billion-Dollar Rainforest Destruction


Washington Post
The Economist
LA Times
NY Times
BBC News


U.S. Federal Court: Ecuador Decision and Judgment Enforceable in the United States

Lawyers: Damages Could Exceed the $5 Billion of the Exxon Valdez

 Major Health Problems, Including Cancers, Reported 


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Ecuadorian Indigenous Leaders Arrive in Bay Area to Urge ChevronTexaco to Clean Up Toxic Waste in Amazon Region
Full Story

"Amazon Watch Launchs Campaign To Hold ChevronTexaco accountable"   


Full Story is launched!

Clean up your Toxic Legacy in the Ecuadorian Amazon!

Thirty years ago, the rainforests of the northern Ecuadorian Amazon were a pristine zone of outstanding biological diversity..
Full Story


What a Smith College Student learned

NEW YORK - Rainforest Indians of Ecuador and Peru urged a U.S. appeals court


NEW YORK - Ecuador's attorney general said this week he is fighting to help indigenous groups

  Texaco on Trial


What Texaco Management is not telling Shareholders


Texaco Comes With a Lot of Assets. and One Huge Liability
June 4, 1998


Ecuadorian Citizens Protest Texaco's Amazon Oil Pollution


Racism at Texaco has had an effect on entire Oil Industry

Badge of Shame

Texaco in the 

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